1. I love your photos, how can I book you?

The first step is to CONTACT ME with your requirements.

2. What are your prices?

I have a variety of packages to suit most budgets and requirements, CONTACT ME for my packages.

3. I've chosen a package, now what?

Now you will need to pay a booking fee to book a date and then we will set up a meeting to plan your shoot. If we are not able to meet we can plan over Skype, Phone or E-mail. 

4. When do you shoot?

I shoot 7 days a week. I prefer working at certain times of day however I can also accommodate you according to your schedule.

5. Do you do studio work?

I do have studio space. If you would like to work in a more private and controlled environment, please CONTACT ME for a quote.

6. Who comes with to a shoot?

From time to time I will use an assistant, but generally it will be just me. The exception being certain wedding packages where I will bring along a trusted 2nd shooter.

7. Can I bring friends or family?

I would prefer that only the people being photographed are there for the shoot. I do understand however that there will be circumstances where others will need to be in attendance and in these situations I ask that they give us space and do not distract you or interfere with the shoot so that I can concentrate on getting you the best images possible.

8. How many photos do we receive?

Each of my packages has a minimum number of images. I never give a maximum however as if I have a few more great ones I would rather edit them and give them to you than keep them to myself.

9. Do we receive the original image files?

No. As mentioned above, I will give you the best images. RAW files, as we refer to them, are unedited and do not represent the photographer's standards or style. It is a bit like asking a plumber for his offcuts. If you really feel you want more images, and I have more that I feel are up to standard, we can discuss it further.

10. Do you only shoot in Ballito?

Have camera, will travel. I will literally go anywhere to shoot, however travel and accommodation need to be taken into account as well as time away from work here. 

11. Can I have a tailor-made package?

In certain cases yes. If you are working to a specific budget or have specific needs, please do CONTACT ME with all the details and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

12. Do you do video?

No. Video is a specialized area and you should consider contracting a professional in this area if it important to you. I can refer you to a few if you wish.