This Privacy Policy uses some of the defined terms from Gavin Higgins Photography’s Agreement and forms part of the general contract between you and Gavin Higgins Photography, in addition to Gavin Higgins Photography’s Agreement.

Gavin Higgins Photography may collect the following types of information from you when you use the Service or by using the Service:

Gavin Higgins Photography receives and stores any information you furnish Gavin Higgins Photography with either when you make use of the Services, access the Website or provide to Gavin Higgins Photography in any other way. The types of Personal Information collected include:

  • your name,
  • company name (if it is a corporate Shoot),
  • email address, contact details,
  • bank account details,
  • delivery address (for courier delivery) and,
  • names of every person participating in the particular photo-shoot as well as the ages of the children who will be participating on the Shoot.

All the information provided to Gavin Higgins Photography is stored electronically and sorted by Client name. The client names are used for the blog post which forms part of the services provided for by Gavin Higgins Photography

The information you provide is used for such purposes as allowing for improvements to the Service, customising aspects of the Service, and communicating Service related information, news and updates to you. Gavin Higgins Photography may also make use of your information that you provide in order to adapt the Service to your needs, to research and improve the Service’s effectiveness, and to develop new tools for the Service’s users.

Gavin Higgins Photography shares your Registration Data in the following ways:

Gavin Higgins Photography employs other companies and people to perform tasks on its behalf and needs to share your information with them to provide aspects of the Service to you. These agents are not permitted to use your information that Gavin Higgins Photography shares with them except where this use directly supports Gavin Higgins Photography’s efforts to provide the Service and the agents commit to safeguard your information at least as carefully as Gavin Higgins Photography does.


Gavin Higgins Photography provides you with an access code to access your gallery to enable you to view the album online as well as to enable you to make better choices who you share your photographs with. The albums are restricted and may only be accessed with an access code. Album cover photographs are public and can be viewed by everyone.


Information or photographs such as your home address and other information or photographs which you regard as sensitive may place you and those close to you at risk. Gavin Higgins Photography recommends that you exercise caution when it comes to particularly sensitive information and photographs and carefully consider the ramifications of doing so.


Gavin Higgins Photography may collect, maintain, save, compile, share, disclose and commercialise the information provided by you subject to the following:

  • Gavin Higgins Photography shall not disclose information unless the person from whom the information is collected, consents thereto;
  • Gavin Higgins Photography shall disclose your information where doing so is necessary to protect Gavin Higgins Photography’s rights;
  • Gavin Higgins Photography shall disclose the information without your consent only where Gavin Higgins Photography is compelled to do so by law; and
  • Gavin Higgins Photography may compile, use and share any of the information that does not relate to a specific individual.

In the event that your information is inaccurately or incompletely reflected on the Website, you agree that it is your responsibility to notify Gavin Higgins Photography of this fact and to supply Gavin Higgins Photography with the accurate or complete information to enable Gavin Higgins Photography to provide the Service to you and to address your concerns.