I am so proud of the products I offer. I have physically traveled to every supplier I use. I have sat with them and talked about photography and printing. I have toured their production facilities and have inspected the materials they use. I’ve spent a lot of time developing a product line I believe is one of the best you can get, all for one reason; I want you to have the absolute best quality products I can give you.


I don't believe in 'disc only' shoots. Every one of my packages comes with something physical to hold in your hands and to relive the experience over and over again, to share with your friends and family and to pass down through generations. 

Products 1

Coffee Table Photobooks

Photobooks are cost effective and printed on premium quality 170 – 200gsm Magnum Satin Paper, available matt or with UV coated pages. 

Photobooks are available in A5,A4 and A3 sizes.

Covers are available in leatherette, canvas, resin, leather, wood and custom prints.

All photobooks are packaged in boxes to protect and display them.

Product 2

Luxury Photo Albums

These albums are of the highest possible quality. Using top of the range equipment, images are printed on optimum quality paper. Pages are then matt laminated or UV coated to give maximum protection and deliver a luxurious feel.

Albums are available in 20x30cm or 30x40cm. 

Covers are available in canvas, Acrylic, leather, brushed aluminium, wood and custom prints.

All luxury albums are packaged in boxes to protect and display them.



Photographic Prints

All photographic prints are made using Custom Printer Profiles on top quality FUJI paper. 


Canvas Prints

Our supplier’s 8-colour digital printer reproduces art work with incredible accuracy of colour.

The canvas they have selected has no compromise on cost. Archival Certified, it is the finest value and quality they can find. They wrap the print around a hand-built frame, keeping the canvas in perfect tension.

Directly behind the print is a board which gives the frame rigidity, prevents warping and ensures the frame hangs flush against the wall. Large frames are cross braced to prevent warping.



Each Faceblock image is professionally cropped into 15cm x 15cm squares, printed on high quality matt fine art paper and mounted on shutterply board for a striking effect.

They are delivered ready to mount with an industrial velcro mounting system. Best displayed in batches.